Valpo is the great university it is today because of the dedication and generosity of previous generations of alumni, parents, and friends. To honor this legacy, to advance our mission, to educate students of promise, to continue to develop graduates who go out into the world and lead with a balance of head and heart, we need your engaged support.

“Valpo may be small, but it is a community full of warmth and culture. I’ve gotten to know so many people on a very personal level. Here, you’re never alone. We are a united and close community, succeeding together.”
Marco Medina ’17, Henry and June Giebel Study Abroad Endowed Scholarship recipient

Valparaiso University is the perfect university for an extraordinary kind of student — not just the best and the brightest, but women and men of character, students of promise, who have a propensity to lead and a desire to serve. Your gift can provide a permanent source of support for students from across the socioeconomic spectrum to attend Valpo, to flourish at Valpo, and to follow generations of alumni into lives of compassionate leadership in all walks of life.

“When I got my financial aid award package, I was almost in tears because that is the extra help that not only helped me decide to stay here at Valpo but also allows me to study abroad in Australia next year.”
Jessica Hanson ’18, Wisconsin Endowed Merit Award recipient

Valpo students gain knowledge and spiritual growth from a wide range of experiences, both inside and outside the classroom, made possible by generous gifts from alumni, parents, and friends. Gifted and passionate faculty, combined with outstanding students and exceptional facilities, are key components in establishing programs of excellence. Beyond the classroom, programs like internships, research opportunities, clinical experiences, Study Abroad, and service-learning trips all provide students with valuable hands-on experience in real-world situations.

“As a donor, you are doing more than funding our education — you are funding our personal growth, our career development, and our futures. What we are able to accomplish on a daily basis is made possible through gifts like yours.”
Alexis Strom ’17, William E. Schlender Scholarship recipient

In every generation are countless students who say, “Valpo took a chance on me. And if it hadn’t, I don’t know where I’d be today.” Now we have the opportunity to respond with our generosity and ensure this Valpo tradition lives on in perpetuity.

“I’m just really thankful that this scholarship has given me the opportunities to be able to reach those goals and dreams that I have for myself in the future.”
Luke Bridwell ’18, Duane D. Tiede Engineering Endowed Scholarship recipient